• Strength in Unity‚Ķ

    Founded in 1971
    ALTA (American Latin Travel Agents, Inc.) is a major player in the Latin Travel Market in the USA with members in the major metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut as well as in other major cities throughout the USA. Its primary goal is to provide members with the Best Contracts, Commissions, Incentives, and Services, from the major airlines and travel industry suppliers.
  • Why

    • Preferred supplier contracts with all major airlines to Latin America, worldwide wholesale tour operators, cruise lines, car rental companies and select airlines to Europe.
    • Access to on-line travel booking reservations for all major airlines, hotels, cruises, tours, car rentals, and more.
    • Sales Training Seminars at Corporate Headquarter facilities for destinations and travel products such as Amadeus GDS, hotels, cruises, tour packages, car rental, etc.
    • Participation in advertising and local co-op programs in your area.
    • Professional and service oriented personnel ready to assist the members to increase sales with preferred suppliers, group handling, special airline waivers and other requests.
    • Technology platform to book, control, and view all transactions on-line in real time 24/7.
    • Educational and familiarization trips (FAM) for members to increase product expertise and knowledge.

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