• Maria Khury


    In 2006, Mrs. Khury was honored among the "Outstanding Women" by El Diario / La Prensa. "We are The Future" in 2007 recognized Ms. Khury in Albany by State Senator Eric Schneiderman.

    Ms. Khury has also been honored with several Proclamations in both New York and New Jersey. Some of the acknowledgments received have been from former Governor Mario Cuomo, the first Public Defender of the City of New York Mr. Mark Green, Councilor Koppell on behalf of the Kingsbridge Riverdale Development Corporation, NYC Council Chamber Award of Julissa Ferreras and Diana Reyna As well as the Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat for his participation in the company and the community.

    Born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Mrs. Maria M. Khury immigrated to the United States at the age of eight. She resides and works in Riverdale. She is the proud mother of three children; The twins Carlos Manuel and Lark-Marie and Mayrin Maria Anton. Maria is also the grandmother of three beautiful children named Amelia, Daniel and Sophia Menchini.

  • Teodoro Jara

    First Vice-President

    Teodoro was Born in Ecuador and is an electrical  engineer. He moved to New York in 2001, He began working in his family owned travel business. Which carries over and is reflected in their maner of service.  Teodoro is the General Manager of Pacifico Travel, located in Queens, New York. Pacifico Travel Specializes in worldwide travel with an emphasis in the Latin American Market.  Pacifico Travel are also experts in leisure and group travel. Pacifico Travel is member of ALTA since 1995 Teodoro’s professionalism and knowledge are a great asset for ALTA.

  • Tony Torres

    Second Vice-President

    Tony, is the owner of Travalcade Travel & Tours. He is a native of Cuba and helps to make educated decisions to ensure your vacation experience will exceed your wildest imagination and you will receive the best value for your money. As a large group travel provider, Travalcade specializes in arranging a variety of land and cruise tours around the world.and offers both custom group travel planning and pre-planned journeys. Travelcade Travel &Tours joined ALTA in 1989.

  • Gloria de Micco


    Gloria moved to United States from Colombia in 1973 and graduated from Union College in New Jersey.  Gloria then began working in the travel industry at Cruz del Sur travel, which at that time was the leader in the travel market.

    Later in 1980 Gloria opened her own travel business, GloriaTravel & Tours, located in  Elizabeth New Jersey. Gloria’s agency is an international full service travel company that specialists  in Latin America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Gloria Travel & Tours joined ALTA in 1983 and their

    goal is that her customers return with memories that will last a lifetime and can share their experiences about our services with family and friends.

  • Yolanda Burgos


    Yolanda moved to the United States from Lima, Peru in 1966.  She began working in the travel industry in 1982. Yolanda worked with important leading companies in the industry such as 25 West, El Condor Travel and A&S Travel. During her career Yolanda focused in promoting customer satisfaction through  exceptional customer service and knowledge while delivering courteous and professional service. Yolanda opened her own travel agency, Happy Travel Agency, in 1988. The agency is located in Queens New York and it’s a Member of Alta since 1991. Yolanda is an icon in the industry and  ALTA is very pleased to have her be a part of of Alta’s board members.

  • Maria Eugenia Marquez

    Office Manager

    Originally from Girardot, Colombia. Maria is ALTA’s office manager. Maria joined Alta in 2000 Currently her duties are to oversee daily travel operations for clients as well as  ALTA’s agencies. She has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in the travel industry. Maria’s admirable experience in managing and supervising, along with her skilled Amadeus computer reservation service knowledge, makes her a key person for ALTA’s mission.

  • Rob (Tito) Lara


    Tito joined ALTA in 2005. He is the Technology Support Manager for ALTA Travel.  He oversees IT, e-commerce, web and social media initiatives. Tito is in charge of installing  and providing support and training to customers on the use of equipment, products and AMADEUS functionality. He also maintains an internal and external relationship with departments responsible for technological products and computerized systems’ operations.

  • Jeanette Hernandez


    Jeanette was born in Colombia, and has over 30 years of experience in both the travel industry and accounting. Jeanette joined ALTA in 2006 as Travel Account Manager. Jeanette has the absolute  responsibility for accounts payable and receivable. This Includes receipt of all invoices, sorting, review for approvals and account numbers, requesting and processing interdepartmental checks, transfers and invoice cancellations. She is also responsible for  verifying the accuracy of data processing for accounting information. Jeanette experience and dedication to Alta is the best asset for the ALTA’s company.


  • Maria E Paredes


    Maria was born in Ecuador and moved permanently to New York in 1974. She began working in the Travel Industry such as travel agencies, consolidators, International Airlines and professor in the travel schools. As well, Amadeus North America (Computer Reservation Service). Working in different roles such as Account development Manager, Sales Support Manager, Customized Support and Education Manager, Integration Specialist.  Maria is also an experienced traveler and a travel writer. President of FIJET-AMERICAS ( International Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers) Also, Active member of UIPT (IberoAmerican Union of Professionals of Tourism)

    Maria is the Account Development Director, And her over 30 years of experience in the travel industry makes ALTA’s best asset. Maria’s responsibilities include managing the established partnerships with international travel vendors and suppliers.  In addition  Maria oversees new business development both internationally and domestically.

American Latin Travel Agents Inc

ALTA (American Latin Travel Agents Inc) was incorporated in 1971. ALTA is a major player in the Latin travel market in the United State of America with members in the main area of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, as well as in other major cities throughout the US

The executive team of ALTA has collectively more than fifty years of experience in the travel industry.

All ALTA agencies are community based and offer a wealth of knowledge and support to their clients. ALTA is a respected leader in the industry since its founding.

Its main objective is to provide travel owners with the best contracts, commissions, incentives and services, from the main airlines and suppliers of the travel industry.

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(201) 758-9400

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